Industrial Wastewater Compliant to DOE
Industrial Wastewater Compliant to DOE

When a manufactory is found not fully complying with the wastewater regulation, which often found only when the water pollution happened, officer from DOE will issue a Field Citation” which points out the particular regulation that has not been complied, following by the Order Notification” with remedial action to be taken by the manufactory to control and decrease the pollution. Then the manufactory is required to pay the compound and legal action will be taken by the government if the Order Notification is failed to be complied. 
Hence according to DOE, checking on wastewater treatment plant according to compliance index should be conducted on a weekly basis. Regular checking could not only ensure the functionality of your wastewater treatment plant, most importantly, the potential issues identified could saved you from a pollution and the following compound and the effects in the community.
Many find the regular system and plant check-up and maintenance is unnecessary and costly, that is a myth. The regular checking by wastewater treatment specialist doesn’t have to be expensive, water quality analysis could be conducted within a range of RM150-250 (as of May 2021). Additionally, running a functionality check-up at your plant or setting up appointment for consultation for the system is offered by Legend Water at no extra cost, it’s free. When conducting the check up is at such a low cost and could effectively prevent the pollution to take place, why not to run the checking regularly? Let’s preserve our water resources by putting the regular checking on the list! 

Design & Build Construction Treatment Plant Project at port in Johor. Designed capacity of 36,000 PE. 

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Published : 10-Aug-2021

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