Self-regulation for Your Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant
Self-regulation for Your Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant

In 2020, Environment Ministry has joint forces with public by offering public rewards for earlier detection of illegal effluent discharged in the communities. This measure of vigilance towards water pollutions has reflected the nations progress towards sustainable water resources. The self-regulated enforcement, Guided Self-Regulation (GSR) was introduced by DOE as one of the compliance to implement by all wastewater treatment plants. Here’s a quick glance of the 8 components of GSR in the process to implement in your wastewater treatment plant!:

  1. Environment policy
  2. Competent Person
  3. Environment Management & Decision Making Process Committee
  4. Performance Monitoring Facilities & Instruments
  5. Record Keeping
  6. Data Analysis & Interpretation
  7. Reporting & Communication
  8. Continuous Improvement
Avoiding sewerage pollution relies on effective water treatment system, which directly influencing the sustainability of water resources. And this made us who we are today. As the wastewater treatment specialist in the industry for more than a decade, we custom design the system to treat different industrial effluent, and build the treatment plant to last for a low maintenance over time! Be a proud citizen on earth for sustainable water resources together with Legend Water.

Sustainable water resources together with Legend Water

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Published : 10-Aug-2021

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