Accounting cum Adminstration Executive (Intern is acceptable)

1. Perform the general account duties, including handle daily office administrative task and support administrative project progress.
2. Prepare the bank reconciliations and carry out general accounting transaction.
3. Handle journal entries and adjustments including monthly payroll.
4. Oversee the company¡¯s accounting function.
5. Review and monitor day to day activities related to credit and collections of payment.
6. Liaise with external auditors, and handle the company year end audit and tax reporting documents.

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Lorry Driver

1. Send/deliver goods to customers/suppliers, or whoever as per requested and required.
2. Ensure the goods in good condition when deliver, deliver in time to customer.
3. Take care the lorry in good condition, plan & prepare for Puspakom inspection.
4. Work together with office for the goods delivery arrangement.
5. Assist the loading /unloading of goods.

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Quantity Surveyor (Intern is acceptable)

1. To prepare documentation for tender (Private and/or Government).
2. To prepare Bills of Quantities corresponding to drawings/specifications.
3. To review, evaluate and propose recommendations on tenders & quotations submitted by the sub-contractors, vendors & suppliers.
4. To ensure all work being carried out by project team & contractors (necessary site visits.) are in accordance with the requirements of main contractors & subcontractors.
5. To evaluate and prepare claims from subcontractors/vendors, prepare and submit claims to the client.
6. To keep up with market costs of materials for cost estimation.
7. To undertake relevant duties and be responsive to prioritized responsibilities as informed by Supervisor.

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General Worker ¡ª C&S, M&E in Construction (Apprentice is acceptable)

Main Works:
- Civil & structural works in construction.
- Mechanical & electrical works (piping) in construction.

1. Perform construction general works at site.
2. Collaborate, follow guidances and safety compliance.
3. Hardworking and reliable.
4. Working on Monday - Saturday.

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Site Supervisor / Foreman in C&S Construction (Intern is acceptable)

1. Assisting Project Manager to monitor project progress according to scheduled work program.
2. Planning site activities, supervising and coordinating to ensure specifications of building are followed and delivered.
3. Attending site meetings with Project Manager and external stakeholders for project-related updates or requirement.
4. Managing materials order and delivery to site, ensuring materials are allocated and stored appropriately at site.
5. Arranging site workers¡¯ overtime, usage of machinery and equipment accordingly to work program, preparing daily work planning report and budget controlling in align with Project Manager.
6. Undertaking and carrying out prophecy-relevant duties from Project Manger.

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